Fibreaid has been offering specialized fibre solutions to the fibre optical market since 1997. Our services have been provided to various sectors around South Africa as well as too many African countries. With our vast knowledge and experience, we can offer solution on various industries, where fibre plays a key role in the network infrastructure.

FTTX FIBRE SOLUTIONS / Home/Business/Antenna/Multi Dwelling Units

Fibreaid can offer complete FTTX solution. From the design, supply, installation and maintenance, of all types of FTTxfibre networks. Whether you require a fibre installation for an estate, business or residential complex, Multi Dwelling/Tenant Units (MDU or MTU).

With our ISP service provides we can offer complete data services as well as DSTV over fibre installation and services.

Whether you require a PON or Point to Point type network, we can build it.

Over and above these services we can offer clients maintenance and service level agreements, to manage and maintain installed fibre networks.


Due to ever increasing data requirements process control on mines fibre is becoming the preferred option for managing the plant network.

Our fibre designed networks can be multi-faceted, offering complete systems for process control, IT networks and CCTV security.

LAN APPLICATIONS / Small internal business fibre networks

Fibre is commonly used to connect office LAN’s between building/campus type networks or even within a Data Centre.

Fibre offers the versatility in a LAN type network, of data rate from 100mb to 40 gigs. Choosing the correct fibre networks thus essential to insure that you LAN operates to is full potential

SECURITY APPLICATIONS / Perimeter fencing for CCTV networks

Security in our lives is playing an ever important role and CCTV systems are being installed in complexes, shopping malls, estates and perimeter fencing.

Fibre can ensure that CCTV systems are connected with quality of services where traditional copper cables cannot.


Power utilities have been installing OPGW (Optical Power Ground Wire) on the grid for many years. The fibre is utilized for communication and line protection.

Fibreaid has years of experience with working on OPGW cables. This highly specialized service requires a high degree of skills and quality equipment, to ensure low losses over the long distances that the utilities transmit their data.

MARITIME PROJECTS / Offshore Vessels and platforms

Even vessels and rigs out at sea utilize fibre for the IT and process control networks. Because fibre does not corrode or gets affected by the proximity to power cables, fibre is the ideal cable to be installed on sea going vessels.

Our skilled technicians with HUET and sea survival training, we are able to extend our services to our clients working offshore or when in dry dock for general repairs and maintenance.

BLOWING OF FIBRE / Micro Fibre type

With our CBS Airstream blowing equipment and Kaisser Compressor kit, we can offer a fibre complete micro fibre blowing services.

The kit can blow micro fibers ranging from 2.5mm – 11mm into micro duct from 5mm-18mm. Our blowing team have the skills and knowledge to tackle all types of blowing projects for FTTx, metro, FTTA/B type installations.

CONSULTANCY / Micro Fibre type

With over 20 years’ experience in the fibre industry, Fibreaid offers a professional consulting service. If you are looking for assistance with designing a new fibre network, or putting together a complex tender for a fibre network. We can offer a complete consulting service to offer you project specific requirement, anywhere in Africa.


Due to our varied and specialized service we offer. We have a variety of specialized testing equipment to test multiple types of fibre networks.

Our OTDR’s are capable of testing links for 100m – 200km. The bi directional OTDR/PMLS testing function, save time when testing long OPGW links or in and smaller data center environment.

In addition to the basic testing, our kit can also test CD (Chromatic Dispersion), PMD (Polarized Modal Dispersion) and AP (Attenuation Profile) tests. All these tests are essential when transmitting high data rates and over long distances.



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